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When Your Life Ressembles a Sting Song

Every Breath You Take

(Original by Sting, Rewritten by moi. Images of stalker below.)

Every move you make,

And every plant you stake

Every bough you break,

Every bed you rake,

I'll be watching you

Every single day,

And every hose you spray

Every path you pave,

Every frame you make

I'll be watching you

Oh can't you see,

You're under scrutiny

How my poor heart aches

When you're not free to play

Every lawn you edge,

And every pond you dredge

Every shrub you hedge,

Every gate you wedge

You'll feel me watching you

Since the ball is gone,

It's been lost without a trace

I dream at night,

And I see only empty space

I hear you say that it's one you can't replace

I feel so sad I reach out for your embrace

I keep crying "Bally, Bally, please"

Oh don't you see,

That ball belongs to me

My poor heart aches

With every catch I can't take

Every game we play

Everywhere we lay

Every word you say

Every command you make

I'll be watching you

Yes every hole you dig

And every trellis you rig

Every vine you peg

And when you hurt your leg

I'll be watching you

Every time I beg

Every treat I get

I'll be watching you

Every step you take

Every move you make

I'll be here watching you

Every word you say

Every game we play

Every brick you lay

I'll be there watching you

Every stone and stick

Every weed you pick

Every fly you flick

I'll still be watching you

Every lick I take

Each time I kiss your face

And every warm embrace

You'll see me watching you

Every throw you fake

And every ball you throw my way

Every single day, come what may

I'll be right here watching you











Jack Jack, Supervisor in Chief....


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