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When Your Head Spins On A Dime

I Remember It Differently

Life goes on

Things that use to be are no longer

As we get older

The past comes back to haunt us

Old injuries may resurface to become new ones

We are back to square one

My right knee gave out

I had trouble walking

I worked in the yard

i dug up a little spot of old lawn

To put in a little garden area

It gets some sun

There is a tree blocking some light

I might have to cut back

I remembered some of the old exercises I am suppose to do

I honestly don't do them like I should

Life gets busy

I remembered my physical therapist told me

I don't drink enough water

I only had three bottles all day

It was hot outside

In an instant

My life has changed once again

It's not even five o'clock in the morning

Our cat Charlotte woke me up

She was clawing at a bag under our bed

When I got up to see she was doing

She was standing there in the middle of the hall

What did i do?

It wasn't little old me?

As I looked around

i did not see anything out of place

Could I have imagined it

No it couldn't be

Work today hopefully

I hobbled across the kitchen

Trying to stretch out my back

We will see if it works

Only time will tell

Google came up with other old expressions or idioms

Not the one I remember

Maybe old age has a way of distorting the truth

What we think happened didn't

Maybe someone over the years changed what they heard

Making it a classic case of bait and switch


I keep thinking back

Clearing out the old cobb webs of my brain

i still remember the line my way

It is funny how little things can mean so much

I heard lots of expressions from my dad and mom growing up

They were corner stones of my learning

Not from school

The home of Fort Knox

What my parents told you was more valuable than gold

I combination of school and street knowledge

What they told you

You had better listen

Or else

You never wanted to see what else meant

Just say your in big trouble

Not for a day or two

For life

Both of my parents have been gone for years

My dad since 1991

My mom since 2012

I still listen to the words they told me

As if they are going to show me

What are you doing?

Didn't I teach you better than that?

Their voices are still in my head

Alive and well

To the day I die

Good or bad

It has served me well in the past

Even though times have changed

My values have stayed the same

For better or worse

Till death do we part

Crazy huh?

That is life

A little bit of the norm

A little bit of the unexpected

The good that we have learned

Then a whole lot of nothing

That we have no choice but to let it all go

It serves us no good

There are things that just happen

There is no where to file

Dip six the bull shit

The aggravation that drives you crazy

You will be alright

You have no choice

if you want to survive

If not the world will eat you alive

© 2022 DREAM ON

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