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When Your Cat Drives You Crazy

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I love You So Much But You Have To Stop

You lie next to me

As if there was just the two of us

So relaxed and content

I pat you on your head and under your chin

You look so happy

Then you leave in a hurry

Off to your bed

Climbing in as to go to sleep

Then later up and roaming around

In behind the t.v. set

I think you go there because it is warm

We call you and you ignore us

As we try to get you out

You lay low and quiet

We have tried to spray you with water and a citrus spray

Your not suppose to like

We bring out a large piece of tin foil

Only to rattle you

Each attempt we come up short

Then moments later she left on her own

As if nothing we could do would bother her

She goes from calm to wild in sixty seconds

She begins to race back and forth

To get her exercise in for the day

Later at night, when we are sound asleep

She claws at our bed rails

We say stop

She hops up on our bureau

Only to knock things off

Jumping up on our bed

Only to lick my face and snuggle into me close

Slowly falling asleep under my arm

You would never know

She was the same lively cat

That raced out the door when we weren't looking

We called to her frantically

As she hid under our car

We rattled her treats

So she would come back in

Ever so quietly she poked her head out

Coming a little closer

We grabbed her quickly

What are you doing?

You know you don't go outside

Are you running away from home?

We will miss you so much

We clean out your cat box as soon as you go

We feed your favorite dry cat food

We make sure your nails our cut

Leave the radio on for you when we go out

You are part of our family

We brush your hair often

We can only hope

Your here to stay for many years to come