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When Your Body Says Sleep

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There Is Not Much You Can Do

If you stay awake

You will make mistakes

Some small, some big

Listen to your body

You have to set your limits

The line gets blurry over time

There might be things you want to get done

Going without sleep

Is not a good option

Prioritize and try to do what is absolutely necessary

Some things will just have to wait

It is dangerous

We have all done it

Sometimes you are forced with many difficult situations

Pressed for time

Trying to burn the candle at both ends

Those who work and go to school

Other people who work two jobs

Those people with children at home

It is not easy

It is really, really hard

My hat goes off to each and everyone of you

It takes everything you have to do both

When the free time comes

There is nothing better than a good old

Head hit the pillow


Better yet

A good sleep

Down for the count

Out like a light

Sleep baby sleep

Pleasant dreams

During a busy life schedule

Topped off by family life

A crazy combination they might seem

It is very hard to have one without the other

If you do

It is not long before you can get burnt out

You need to find your own balance

A way you can work in achieving your goals

Without every hazard along the way

Do a safety check

It could save your life

Try to eat right

That is another hard pill to swallow

It is so easy and necessary to grab and go

Anything to fill that void we call hunger

We tend to worry about our health later

Drink lots of water

Add in a few Powerade or Gatorade drinks

I make mini bags and bags of vegetables

I constantly eat them all the time

Cucumbers, peppers, celery, carrots

Something to eat on the go

They fill me up

Keep me from starving

At the same time better than the alternative

Cookies, cakes and chips

This is only one way to keep a competitive edge

I also take protein drinks to give me a boost

I eat a lot of raisin bran cereal in the morning

Eggs are quick and inexpensive

Even though the price has gone up

A few prunes and a teaspoon of honey

I can't tell a lie

There will be times I grab that fast food

When I first eat it

I love it

Then soon after

I don't feel so good

Back to eating right

Sleeping when I can

Fueling up and trying to exercise next

I still have a full plate

No quick changes overnight

Steady as she goes

Taking vitamins every day

A one a day and a few more

Because I am over fifty

I take Centrum Silver

Ask your doctor

It is always good to have a second opinion

Even a third if necessary

I am no medical doctor

If you listen to ads

You will be taking every pill ever made

I switch it up

Everything from Turmeric, Vitamin D3,B12

Green tea, Biotin, Vitamin C

Add in a few Elderberry and cranberry chewable vitamins

I am sure I left out a few

Not sure how much they have helped

Each have their benefits

Trying to give my body a boost

I have been healthy through and through

Blessed because I have dodged a bullet

I have not really been sick for years

Any tips I am so happy to hear them

You have to find your own rhythm

I could go on and on what works for me

All that is nothing but hot air

If it don't work for you throw it into the wind

See if it sets sail or crashes hard to the ground

If it does fly

Let it soar in the sky

Like a fancy kite

Filled with the brightest colors and design

Higher and higher

I am a firm believer

Everyone should always keep looking for their niche

Something that they love

Here is the tricky part

That they excel at

I have been looking for over forty years

Still searching for my sweet spot

Sometimes I come a little bit closer

Other times I am way off my mark

Only practice and time on my side

Hope this helps you

It has worked for me

Even if you get one tip

That saves you time or money

It was worth a five minute read

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