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When You Least Expect It, a Neighbor Comes to My Rescue

We are living in scary times, not able to go out to eat, go to the beauty shop or shopping, but soon it will pass and perhaps will love more


It was nighttime and the darkness was engulfing my inner sole

I listened carefully as the twigs in my front yard break alerting a possible foe

I waited quietly, unable to move from my easy chair

Hot perspiration erupting on my forehead, room ejecting hot air

Then from out of nowhere she calls my name, " neighbor are you here? "

My answer was nothing more than a whisper, " Yes I'm here, who goes there? "

" Why it's your neighbor Rosie, I came to see if you need anything

I thought I'd come in person instead of a phone ring

Times are scary with this C virus on the rise

Neighbors love each other and love to bring hope, plus we love to vocalize

And how about this homemade hot apple pie?

Don't worry, I'm wearing a mask and gloves, we'll stay at least six feet away from each other

We're both lonely for family whose far away. I miss my mother, sister and brother "

I found my voice and told her, " Please come on in

I miss my family too and in dire need of a good neighbor friend. "