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When You Have To Do What You Have To Do


It Will All Come Together

For now

My world is turned upside down

My stomach doing flips

It's my responsibility

To make sure things get done right

Taking one day at a time

Oh, what a pain

Usually, my wife is the person who pays attention to details

Fixes the meals

Does the food shopping

I like being the helper

Now I have to step up to the plate

Relieving her temporarily of her duties

I have to take the reigns

I am well aware

I'm in the hot seat

Sweating already

Every free moment I get

My mind slips away

I think of two weeks week ago

I didn't have a care

Now I have real pressure

To make sure we leave early enough

To get my wife to work on time

Before I thought we had a time crunch

Now we are under the gun

My aches and pains have to wait

I don't feel so hot

Suck it up buttercup

With my wife home from the hospital

I have a whole new bunch of responsibilities

That could last three months

Now we have to change her dressing every other day

Showers are not an option

Sponge baths for now

Our tub is too high

The simplest things that I use to do

Have instantly become more difficult

I use to just drop myself infront of the laptop

Now I have to make the time

Sometimes there just is no time left in the day

My thoughts become scrambled

Like a radio signal

That know matter what you do

Comes in staticky

Unclear and annoying

Then when I think I am making progress

I get more interference

As if I was talking on the cell phone

Your voice cuts in and out

Until I finally lose the connection

I look around me

Everyone else goes on with their day

I opened the door and our inside house cat

Made a leap for freedom

I had my hands full

I shut the door halfway on her

When I put down the things I had in my hands

She had already made it out the door

It was dark outside

About 8:30 at night

She could head for the bushes

Then I will never get her

Run easily out into the back yard

Anywhere is free game

I quickly called too her

Shaking her favorite treats in hand

We treat her like a queen

Yet she still wants to fly the coop

As if we are mean to her

Her home is her prison

I frantically reached to put my cell phone flashlight battery on

I looked under are car

My first thought hopeful

I didn't see her

I know as it gets later and later

Chances become worse and worse

I glance off in a distance

Still nothing

As my wife opens the door

She is holding on to her walker

We are a sad duo

She yells out loudly Charlotte, Charolotte

My mind rushed forward

There are other animals that are use to the wild

Our cat doesn't stand a chance

The weather is warm

Rain on it's way

We have to find her

Our street gets busy with fast moving cars heading for work in the morning

Later in the day

It is a lot quieter

I walk to the front of our car

There she is sitting comfortably

I pick her up without hestating

She tries to squirm away

Not this time

I am not going to scold her

I am so relieved she is o.k.

I hope her side is not hurt

When I shut the screen door pretty hard to stop her

I rub her gently later

She seems o.k.

I really don't know

My wife said check her for ticks

You have a better chance of touching the moon

I will let her calm down

In the meantime

We tell her how much we love her

Then we tell her never to do that again

Like she even listens

After an hour I head out to go out again

She heads for the door

Oh, no you don't

We have a little squirt gun

That we keep near the door

Reminding her to back off

Last time she was asleep in the other room

I went to leave

She came out of no where

My guard was down

Now when we do a simple thing

Like walk into our home

I have to go in first

Lead her in the bathroom

Then shut the door

Reopen it after we are both in the house

This normal two minute walk in the house

Turned into a five minute proceedure

This is what I am talking about

Things like this

Are now starting to happen quite frequently

I am not a fan

Well, to all the busy people in the world

Good job

Keep at it

You have found a way

To manage your time and get a lot done

For me I only have a few words to say

Lunch break can't come soon enough


DREAM ON (author) on September 11, 2019:

Gypsy Rose Lee There is nothing better for me than sitting down after a long day and sharing in a poem life as it happens. We are the best storytellers of a lifetime. Writing so other people can understand what we are experiencing and sensing. Taking the time and energy is a challenge. It makes us beautiful and unique. Even though we talk about the same subjects we have different ways of sharing. I continue to expand and learn at every level. I hope by the time you receive this comment your spirits are up, up and away. That a jet plane can't touch. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. We all can try to find a way to make life simpler and more precious. A lifetime of give and take.

DREAM ON (author) on September 11, 2019:

Lorna Lamon I couldn't be happier when you find joy in my writing. I don't want to make people sad. There are enough sad things in the world to be concerned about. I do love to express my difficulty and my errors in judgment so I can also find a happier place. I get in a funk. I like it better when my life is more like a slam dunk. Many times I am in transition and in between the best and the worst of times. They hit me like a rock on the head. Then leave like the wind as quickly as it has come. I keep searching for the star that lights up all the other stars. It can take time. Years and years. I know it will be well worth it. So I keep trying. I love comedians and the gift they have developed. Many have had sad lives and used comedy to cope with their own depression and problems. I am trying to write comedy routines without horror stories and sadness. It is hard. Maybe the only way to make it work is through experiences that we deal with. I wonder if I can pretend and feel the same emotion even though it's only imaginary. Then I can reach in my bag of tricks and make wonders. Thank you for sharing and for giving me joy. If you didn't laugh at my best lines I would have missed my mark. Like a marksman shooting in the dark. Have a good and fun-filled day.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on September 10, 2019:

First of all, I must say naughty Charlotte, I wish you both the very best and hope your wife has a speedy recovery. At least, you are together and can do for one another. Anything goes awry here I am done for being all alone with no one to help me whatsoever. As much as I say I am all right and I don't mind being alone I got run down in August by a nasty virus and for 2 weeks I entertained thoughts of slitting my throat and that says more than a thousand words ever could. Now I have thoughts of adopting another cat but again no way to get to see cat so no way to adopt.

Lorna Lamon on September 08, 2019:

You took me with you on your difficult journey and showed how even when we struggle there is always a solution. I hope your wife makes a speedy recovery and everything returns to normal again. The episode with your cat did make me laugh (sorry), you painted such a vivid picture. Keep looking on the bright side.

DREAM ON (author) on September 08, 2019:

John Hansen The funny thing is my wife has come to my rescue many times and she never once hesitated or let me down. She never even made a big thing out of it. She is tough as nails when the chips are down. Me, on the other hand, I feel like Superman until someone shows up with Kryptonite. Boy, that really ruins my day. They know how to burst my bubble and I didn't even to get to do some heroic feats. I guess I will let the next generation, a younger and more modern Superman take over. Thank you so much for listening and sharing. Life is always better with a friend close bye. Only 10,541 miles away. You gotta love Google. It brings everyone closer together. Now that we know how far. I can fly ten miles a day and will be there in just under three years. Maybe it is just easier coming out here on HubPages and sharing our good and not so good days. Have a great night.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on September 08, 2019:

Sorry to hear life has been tough for you since your wife's injury, Dream On, and you have had to take on extra responsibility and care for your wife. These things happen in life but we just have to step up and do our best. It makes all the little things (like keeping the cat in) just that much harder. Keep positive and just think if something happened to you, then your wife would need to do the same for you. I hope she is recovering.

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