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When You Can't Sleep

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Laying In Bed Thinking

Looking up at the ceiling

Way to early to get up

I went to bed only four hours ago

My wife got up first

For an early bathroom run

Then as she was coming back to bed

We lay there and talked

Both our heads racing

Thinking about what we are going to do today

Both off from work

Going to the post office to pick up some stamps

We still like to send out Christmas cards every year

It is one family tradition we don't want to stop

My wife likes to write them out early

Right after Thanksgiving

Go food shopping early for the week

It will be busy because of the holiday

This year we will give out all gift cards for the family

We will still look at the Black Friday deals

There is nothing we need

It is always fun to look

This year is the the first year we aren't spending time on Thanksgiving with our whole family

The Pandemic put a scare and a real change to our way of life

We never want to get anyone sick or worse

Especially are older relatives

It would be terrible

The weather turned to the low twenties

Rain coming tomorrow night

Wishing everyone a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving

That we can all be thankful and grateful

Have a beautiful day

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