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When You Can't Love or Leave


When you can’t love or leave,

Still held in the bar of fantasies

Ordering one more bottle of love.

When it’s your heart all alone,

Sitting at a corner of broken dreams.

You take several sips of flirt,

Merriest of lust you make,

Every dime of laughter you spend.

Still you want more.

When her heart is the one thing,

You can’t touch or catch.

Nor the warmth of her arms,

The other thing you can’t take home.

But another bottle of infatuations.

“One for the road” they say.

And you stagger along the paths of life,

Your mouth cologned with beer.

You trip, not once.

You fall, not twice.

But still smiling, you carry on.

And it’s not to the comfort of her arms,

You over speed in the highway of distress.

But what you are running from,

Still intoxicated with infatuations.

At the dawn of reality

You wake up paining.

In the hospital of regrets

You find yourself groaning.

The hangovers hovering

And thoughts lingering.