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When You Are Young You Will Know

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.


See the walls you’ve so carefully built up? You don’t need them, you are safe.
See that ladder over there? You will find it sturdy enough to climb up and over those walls. But you mustn’t cheat and walk around. No, the walls are to be scaled with the confidence of a knight in shinning armor.

As you climb down the other side you find a fragrant earthly garden in which you at once feel calm. It’s most beautiful and calming. There is no anxiety here, there is no pain here, only spirits of laughing crickets and winging dragonfly’s.

In the garden is an out of place sundial which points in the direction of a castle in the distance. You have come far, a quiet voice whispers in your mind. The keys are waiting for you in the door, when you turn the key enter in.

Inside a towering turret you will find a lingering thought only you will discover and understand. That thought contains all the knowledge you seek of your inner universe. We bring the walls of our insecurities down as we grow into our inner truth. While discerning your new found wisdom, you will regress inward to grow wiser and in turn, your shadow will grow younger and longer.

Remember the anxiety and pain is temporary. Future patterns old and decrepit can not stop your creative nature. Once again you feel complete as old ways are surrendered. You dig deeper inward as the universe sends love along with eternal knowledge from far and wide. You create and absorb all that is possible.

As you grow, your old future thoughts drift aloft to be replaced by sage beliefs and enlightenment. Within the confines of our hearts and minds we are forever learning our true thoughts and imaginings. The eternal knowing protects and guides us as we bring the walls of our insecurities tumbling down replaced by the curious lingering thought we discovered in that towering turret. In loving what lives inside you, you will find your true self. In believing what lives inside us, always thank the sacred energy for sharing the essence of a lingering thought.

Moonbeams and stardust dance aloft once again as you find yourself looking to the moon as it rises. You give thanks to the moon as the stars rise to greet you and welcome you to dream within the jovial universe. As we grow in our journey, be ever grateful to our sacred energy for sharing dreams of compassion, truth, love and light. While we continue our travels be ever thankful for the life we are given and always be willing to share with others that same loving energy. The truth lives within us now and always, discovered as a lingering thought embedded in the confines of our inner consciousness. LSN 04-28-2020

In my search for a photo representing a lingering thought, I came across this corkscrew willow tree. I will quote from a book I have called TREE SPIRIT TAROT, by Laural Virtues Wauters:


Willow signals a time when our subconscious fears and dreams are surfacing, creating anxiety about our future and us. Willow reminds us that our weakness is also our strength as it connects us with the depths of our fears and vulnerabilities, as well as our truths and resilience. Willow encourages us to see our self-deceptive and destructive patterns as illusions that have held us from realizing our full potential. Becoming conscious of our innermost selves allows us to reclaim our intuitive wisdom and skills.

Message: Willow encourages us to weep as we release deep-seated memories that have hurt us. Willow reminds us of our strength and tenacity as we surrender to our innermost fears in order to reconnect with our intuitive wisdom. Wisdom is often born of pain as we move through various phases of our life. Sadness, grief, anger, fear and loss bring valuable insights. By reclaiming and re-balancing our light and dark self we will find peace within us.


© 2020 Laurie S Novak

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