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When Work Is On Our Mind


Constantly Listening To People Complain

We try not to become one of them

There are things that we would like to change

We have seen over the years

How so much of what we thought

Doesn't really matter

In our own mind

We actually thought

Our job was like performing arts in motion

Giving it our utmost attention

Now we have learned to take our extra energy

Put it to better use

Not in work where it will serve little purpose

We apply it to our home life

On our marriage and our future

Doing the loveliest things

For the people who really matter

For many years

I tried to change the system

What I felt was broken

To make it better not just for me

For every co-worker and the company itself

Then there is this underlying presence

That no matter how good your intentions are

Some co-workers and management

Want nothing to do with it

They must like chaos

Where you constantly see

Disruption and foul play

It is a kind of odd situation to not be a witness

Constantly be right smack in the middle

Nowhere to turn

So it took me years to understand

Some things can't and aren't meant to change

So why put in all the energy and thought

With little long term benefits

When things slowly turn back to the way they were

Sometimes even worse

Then you have an uphill struggle

Trying to do what is right

You have seen it all

Now it is time to watch

Be more like a silent sideline referee

Where there will always be

People that cause trouble and give you a headache

Accept this unstoppable truth

As we get older

We realize our time is valuable

So we learn to redirect our energy and focus

To our personal life and get the greatest reward

Seeing my wife truly appreciate

All I do and the tiniest bit of attention

Goes leaps and bounds

To a kind and loving relationship

Far into the years

Where we both may get the most wonderful rewards

Like being at the races

Where your dog may not be first all the time

You are definitely a powerful force

That put you in the top three

Time and time again

That pleases me more

As other people struggle

With their job and their personal relationships

Looking for the right balance

Paying the price

Being unhappy is not my way of life


DREAM ON (author) on September 12, 2021:

Gypsy Rose Lee I took myself temporarily out of the game. A self-man-made time-out. Throwing myself into work and then waiting for the right moment to have the drive to write. It seems work swallowed me up and I couldn't break free. Now I don't think that was one of my best ideas. But I had to try it nonetheless. I am happy to be writing again. Even if it is only commenting. Two weeks fly by. I feel the drive again. I relate to so many topics you live and experience every day. September 11th had just past and so many other feelings are coming up. I have to have a balance. Sometimes it is far from easy. Off to the races. I am only joking. Off to work later now is a time where Charlotte woke me up and then she went back to sleep. So she was my prompt to get moving. I know I will feel it later. Five hours of sleep isn't enough anymore. I am not as young as I use to be. I like to still think we are. Thank you for reading and sharing. You make my morning. Keep the kitten stories coming. They are wonderful and beautiful. Happy writing.

DREAM ON (author) on September 12, 2021:

Chrish Canosa I would love to see pictures. I use to do kind of the same thing. I made a scrapbook of all sayings I like from the newspapers and cut them out. There were so many I started putting them in a box and when I wanted a pick me up the words were there. I could take any headline from a story and make my own story. I thought here it is the best writers are writing and now I can learn from them. I will always have leads into my day. I so much appreciate all your e-mails and comments. As you can see I play catch up a lot. I think as an adult I drift back into having fun and even the wordplay sounds great. It's Sunday and so much to do. I will chip away a little at a time until I find myself again. All is good here. I don't have one complaint. Just a lot of fun things that drive me to no return. Charlotte and my wife are both sleeping. It is seven o'clock now I have been up since five A.M. Trying to get a little jump on my day. Thanks for being a great friend. Here is too many more thoughts and may the excitement never end.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on August 23, 2021:

With no one else around when I find myself feeling out of sorts, I give myself a pep talk instead of complaining or feeling like I want to complain about everything, Sure life is not perfect but except for continuing to move on and to do what we have to do what else is there? And many people forget that most important fact, You wither keep on keeping on or you put yourself out of the game,

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on August 21, 2021:

'' being unhappy is not my way of life ''

Wht a great ending. I will paint it on my wall tomorrow.

Walls in my room is full of moody painted faces I paint them and hung in there so I might not wear them, to be honest it's effective.

N the great part message of this poem I haven't been there, thanks a lot for painting it for me Sir Dreamon, now I have warning signs wink wink....

Sending I love yous to all and power hugs!!!!!!!!!

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