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When Will We Discover What We Really Don't Know ?


Isn't It A Shame We Waste So Much Time

Every day people complain about so many things

But they do little about it

They voice their opinion to friends and coworkers

Soon their words fall on deaf ears

Their friends and coworkers do the same

It becomes a pattern of deception

We think we are doing something

Actually we are doing nothing

If you ask the same person who is complaining

To write about the actual problem in question

They look at you as if you are the crazy one

Yet they consume hours even years of their lives

Repeating the same old song and dance routine


It bothers them so much

Why don't they try to change it ?

Do they like being annoyed ?

God I hope that isn't the answer I am looking for

Maybe just maybe

They are too lazy to do anything

Except shoot their mouth off

They feel like they have accomplished something

The old saying rings true

Talk is cheap

If you doubt what I am saying ?

Prove me wrong

Next time you hear someone moan and complain

Simply ask them to write about their problem in question

You will get that wild eyed look

They think you have two heads

They also believe

They are helpless

I can't do nothing about it

Except complain years on end

How bad something is

They might even have a viable sollution

But more often than not they will just talk

Say a lot of things

A wind bag full of hot air

Almost like a politician that promised you the world

When it comes to deliver

You better not hold your breath

They are just telling you what you want to hear

So lets make one thing clear

If we have problems in the world

Which clearly we do

Instead of pointing the finger

Complaining about every time the same problem happens again

Telling it on deaf ears

Come alive

Let that fire burn a desire

One that leads to something better

Writing about the problem takes effort

That is the first step of many

Seeing the problem by itself

You are able to write a detailed discription

More concrete

Then you can write a number of solutions

Don't narrow them down yet

Even if they are practical

They might have some merit

The solutions can lead you to other ideas

Later on any number of versions can be carried out

We all to begin with a plan

If they work or and how effective is up to the people

To see it through

Adjust it and make any changes if neccessary

People have so many excuses

I call them pets

They stroke them

They pamper them constantly

They feed them daily

They even watch them grow

Why not call them our babies ?

We have nurtured them to exsistence

What is the outcome ?

Nothing more than words spoken among men

Anger and frustration once all bottlec up

Now can be set free

Look around you find a problem you don't like

Throw it out there to someone you know

See if they have the same problem

Maybe they have a solution you don't

Maybe you both have part of the solution

Together you can finally put the problem to rest

Problem solved

One mystery of life

I like to think of it

More of a misery of life

People ignore and will not

I will go as far to say

Won't is no joke

So if you don't except won't

Why would you settle for anything less

Put yourself to the test

I would love to hear from you

Will you take the time

Then again will you be like so many other people

Find a way to easily dismiss all my creative thoughts and ideas

Not because there new and different

Because they make sense and take time

Time you don't have

Well toss me your problem

I will toy with it like a new present on Christmas morning

If you don't have the time

Give your problem to someone who

Will think about it even deeper

Give it some actual consideration and effort

I believe every problem in the world can be solved

People have the answers

They are right under our nose

Most people go for the tissue

Boo hoo

Just blow

Out of sight out of mind

When you have a cold that is all you can think about for hours and sometimes days

Then when it is gone

You give a sigh of relif

Then on with your day

You act as if it never happened

Until next time

Then you repeat the same process

Why ?

Because you know no better

You have done it for some many years

It is your routine

You complain about that cold

To everyone you know

Even strangers you just met

Now do something about it

This is one of many problems I come across

I don't have any quick answers

What I do hold in my hand is part of a riddle

Part of the answer

Do you have the other piece I have been looking for my whole life

Let me see

How many people are there in the world ?

Do we have more problems than people

I don't think so


There is that but again

People want to make you believe it is true

Some people believe there are more problems than people

There are some people who don't care

Other people really do care

But don't get started

If they do something

They don't do it for a long time

They get busy with life

They also want you to believe

Life gets in the way

Well isn't it time ?

We take life by the horns

And ride it off into the sunset


DREAM ON (author) on December 06, 2018:

Gypsy Rose Lee I am here to apologize for the longest time I could not get the time to respond to your comment. I am so excited and thrilled for you. A second book of poems WoW. Keep going and tell me all about it. Your doing it all by yourself and what a wonderful thing that is. As for Thanksgiving things happen and the unexpected makes everything we do more important. Our friendships, loves, work and life that has great meaning. I am not use to drama and I am now getting my fair share. I don't like it. I am learning how to deal with it. I recently have had mild set backs at home and they have required my undivided attention. It is so nice to write again. Wishing you a beautiful and incredible Merry Christmas. Thank you again for having patience and understanding. Have a great night.

DREAM ON (author) on December 06, 2018:

Michael-Milec I found out some new important things about my writing. When times get tough and I have a lot on my mind I am so focused on getting things done I forget to do my most detailed writing then. It's as if I have to act and don't have time to process all the information. Only later can I look back and reflect and write the story. I don't think was always true. I am not sure of why or how the change came about. Maybe it's age or my views and responsibilities have changed. It is a working progress. I have been late in getting back to you on your comment. I do apologize. I do want you to know how much I appreciate and look forward to every comment. Thank you so much. I have recently had snow and now some warmer weather where the snow has melted and caused flooding down my cellar. I had issues in the spring before not in the winter months. So my focus has been elsewhere. I will return soon. Wishing you and your family a wonderful safe and lovely Christmas.

Michael Milec on December 04, 2018:

Writing generally requires willingness and effort.

Michael Milec on December 04, 2018:


Writing in general requires willingness and effort.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on November 26, 2018:

I was to be the chief cook for a ham on Thanksgiving but my friend who lives below me got sick and so her family stayed downstairs I left the ham to better days but will make some casseroles. If all goes well this will be the week I attempt to publish my second ebook of poems on Createspace most likely toward the end of this week

DREAM ON (author) on November 25, 2018:

Gypsy Rose Lee My Thanksgiving was simple and sweet. My wife and I got to go over my nieces to celebrate and see all the family. Then the next day we enjoyed spending time with our neighbor and friends while they celebrated their Thanksgiving. Please tell me about yours? Charlotte sends big hugs and kisses to Sid and is doing great. I am a little slow on the writing end busy with work and healing slowly from therapy. You brighten my day with your wonderful comments. We had a few days of snow that kept me occupied. Today a little rain and it will wash most of it away. Have an amazing Sunday.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on November 19, 2018:

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Sid sends greeting to Charlotte.

DREAM ON (author) on November 19, 2018:

Gypsy Rose Lee Yes you get to appreciate a new way of life. Up North we have had six inches of snow last week now today we are getting three more inches. I love the snow as long as it is a little and not too much. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving and may your new friends and neighbors soon make you comfortable and happy. Your incredible writing keeps showing me more talent and skill. Keep up the good work.

DREAM ON (author) on November 19, 2018:

lunaticdiaries I always loved your pen name. So creative. Then each time I look for the next exploration of life. So I hope you will see what I see and continue on each step of the way. There is no time limit or no deadline. Have fun and enjoy the way things happen and be curious about things we don't understand. Thank you for your visit and your comment. i think we all can be proud of the small changes we all make. Unfortunately most people are too busy to actually see the wonderful progress we make every day. Have a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful snowy day.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on November 14, 2018:

It feels awfully strange to be in summer when it's November and there should be cold and snow but after freezing so long in Europe I'll take it. My book is coming along and soon I should be able to put it up on Createspace. I will let you know.

lunaticdiaries on November 11, 2018:

You are right DreamOn, the first step to making a change starts with ideas captured with pen on paper. For many it’s easier to spout off at the mouth rather than put real thoughts into expressing real thoughts. Be the change!

DREAM ON (author) on November 09, 2018:

Dora Weithers If my father asked me a question and I gave an answer like I don't know or I am not sure. He would tell me that is not an acceptable answer. You have to give it thought. Real thought. You are a young adult and have a responsibility to act like one. Right or wrong you had to take a stand and support your answer with facts not fiction. At an early age I learned to think about what I said and be ready to back up my answer with a supporting argument. Years later I continued with that idea and went one step farther. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my poems. It means a great deal to me. Have a fabulous day. I would love to get to know your friend. We could trade answers back and forth. Thank you for sharing.

DREAM ON (author) on November 09, 2018:

Gypsy Rose Lee You have found a very practical way to a new solution. It is also good to share other peoples ideas because they can give you a larger understanding of the problem. They have a fresh set of eyes. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. I hope you are doing all the things you wanted and more. How is your book coming along? Is Florida the place you always dreamed?

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on November 08, 2018:

In my new situation and life, I have discovered that it does not pay to complain. Complaining only gets me and those I have to deal with upset. If there seems to be something I feel I want or need to complain about I simply take a look at the situation and see if there is a way to resolve it peacefully.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on November 08, 2018:

I had a friend who used to say, "Don't mention it again, and unless you thought of a way to deal with it." You give us something to think about.

DREAM ON (author) on November 07, 2018:

Tim Truzy I love your answer. So true. I read your answer over a few times and also made a few corrections in my poem. Many times I don't notice the spelling or grammar mistakes even after I proof read it five or six times. Sometimes I will even leave a mistake or two because it sounds better. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I fill the holes up with love and affection. Trying to make my point across. Many times I get little response. That pushes me to another writing. I know over time we gain experience and wisdom. Each writing gives me a chance to practice that opportunity and I see if my views change in days or years. Comments are so refreshing and powerful. Thank you ever so much. May your day be filled with energy and an endless zest for life. If you think of a recent problem I would love to hear about it. I will post a few and see if anyone agrees to disagree. Talk soon.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on November 05, 2018:

Hello, Dream On,

Fabulous poem in the style of writing which I enjoy focused on ideas involving social justice. It's easy to make a noise. Isn't it? It's easy to be a wind? Isn't it? No one can blame the wind,

but everyone wants credit when a kite takes off, a plane flies, or a rocket ship lands on the moon. It takes the effort of creative people and dealing with failures and successes to get there, where ever that may be.

Complaints never saved a soul but sank many, many ships.

Loved it, Dream On.

Great job and the poem flowed with the strength of a determined voice to get a message across.

Much respect and admiration,


DREAM ON (author) on November 05, 2018:

John Hansen I love to listen. I also love to see change. Most people rather just complain than do the actual work to make something change. The world is an awesome place. Where we all can work together and find ways that work. We know and can see clearly when things don't work. We are on our way. One step closer in finding what does work. Together I believe we can make the world work. Making more people happy than sad. Isn't it time to stop all the name calling and the poor attitude. it is time to grow up. Act like adults. As adults we have a responsibility to lead our children to a better life. it begins now. Thank you for being the first to read and share. Happy the month of November. Have one beautiful day.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on November 04, 2018:

Wow Dream On, you really put people on th spot. We sure do like to complain don’t we and expect others to listen as though they have the answers. I really do think some people aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about. It is sad isn’t it. Thank you for sharing this insite.

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