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When Will That One Day Come ?

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That Day When Life Makes Perfect Sense

I remember growing up

I would get in trouble

My father would say one day

You are going to get it

You will see what I am talking about

There were other times too

If I didn't do good on my grades at school

If I didn't understand what my father was trying to tell me

The same line applied to so many different circumstances

Not just to me but other people

If he read about someone stealing a car or doing something real bad

One phrase to keep me thinking

Was he making it all up?

Did he know something I didn't and he wasn't about to tell me


Would he hold out?

For what purpose could he have?

I was sound asleep with my wife and in bed

Our cat got over rambunctious

She was laying down next to me for awhile

Then she got into a mood

Like a child going through the terrible two's

Nothing seem to make her happy

She went on a rampage clawing at a cloth container we put our clothes in

The words just came out of my mouth

One day Charlotte!

At that moment

I turned into my father

I got up out of bed and see if she needed anything

I went into the kitchen and she had plenty of food and water

I pulled up a chair in the kitchen

Called to her

She hopped up in the chair next to me

I patted her

She stayed for about ten minutes

Then off to her little bed in the living room

Well, maybe this is the day

My one day finally came

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