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When We Work On Auto Pilot

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We Are In Our Zone

Things flow easy

The same effort works perfectly

It feels like a dream

There is no hesitation

Things feel right

Our inner body connects with the outside world magically

Time moves along smoothly

There are times it seems to have stopped all together

We are so connected and involved

Our every move is to assist the move before

Making each moment extraordinary

Feeling the greatest love in so many forms

By accepting this time with so much gratitude

We are able to cherish the thoughts

Letting each one disappear into the atmosphere

Till next time

I will be patiently waiting

To all that have felt times like these

You have found something so special

Giving joy to the world

We could not be any happier

Wishing you one of the best kept secrets of life

Enjoy and spread the passion

Even though it can't be hung on a wall like a favorite picture

Cherished just the same