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When We Wake Tomorrow, What Will We See?


When we wake tomorrow

Will we see the beauty that surrounds us?

Or will we revert back to the worries that always binds us?

If we look deeply into the abyss

We'll see the heavens that always gives us a relaxing feeling of bliss

Oh we'll see bare limbs on our once beautiful shady trees

Perhaps feel the frigid wind and nightly freeze


But soon we'll feel the warm breeze of early Spring

And the lovely flowers the warmth always bring

I'm watching the Sparrows feed at my busy bird feeder

The Hummingbirds are long gone to a warmer climate and a happy new greeter

They will return, they always do

To compliment the beauty and the warm morning dew

Tomorrow we'll see a new day dawning for sure

So let's greet it smiling and happy, knowing God is in control and we'll feel safely secure