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When We Wait To Long

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Our Energy Vanishes

We are excited about something we are doing

Then we decide to hold off

Now is not the time

We find ourselves busy with something else

When we return the newness has worn off

The shine is gone

Our energy is low

What is it that changed our mind ?

Thinking from a new perspective

Even our interests are not the same

What once was a glowing light

Now seems dark and dim

It was never meant to be

Unless it was necessary for us to see

Progress has to be constant

If we take our eyes off of the prize

We slowly forget what we wanted

The strength in support diminishes

So what have we learned

If we want to do something

We have to constantly follow through

We need a plan of action

To keep us focused and on our way

Without an organized plan in place

We flounder like a fish in the water

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