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When We Suddenly Feel Uncomfortable

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Our Whole View Of Life Instantly Changes

For me, it is an unexpected tooth pain

I was sleeping so well

Our cat Charlotte knocked something off the bureau

She was hungry

So she found a way to let us know

As I got up to see what it was

It was a Wiffle ball I had tucked in the corner

I checked to see if she had any food

Her dish was empty

Before I went back to bed

I got a pain in my right side of my jaw

An achy pain

My dentist words came into my head

We filled that tooth for now

If it starts giving you some trouble

We will have to see about a root canal

I said so far it has been good

That was about a month ago

I am not a happy camper

Because of this, I don't think I will ever like camping

I told my wife

She said to take some Tylenol

It will kick in about twenty minutes

As I lay in bed still

All I could feel is it throbbing

This is not going to work

So I made my way to the computer

To vent

To express my frustration

I have nobody to blame

Things happen

It is five twenty-three in the morning

I don't have to get up to eight-thirty

I am a little bit early

I went to bed about twelve-thirty

For years all I ever got is about five hours sleep a night

Since the Pandemic my job has been closing two hours earlier

So I have been getting eight hours a night

The extra sleep I enjoy so much

Today is a flashback to last year

It is funny how quickly we forget

Until something reminds us

Of our past and what use to be

I think the Tylenol is starting to kick in

The pain has disappeared

I am going to try to get a little more sleep

I love to write

I love to sleep

Maybe I can learn to write in my sleep

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