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When We Run Out Of Day Light

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Left In The Dark

The weathers getting colder

Still much to do outside in the yard

Raking and picking up those leaves

Each day trying to do a little more

Finding time is not easy

Getting up earlier

A jump start on my day

Before winter sets in

Every year this becomes crunch time

One day of rain

The next day just bitter cold

Then we have the wind

I constantly look for a window of opportunity

With the summer things packed away

The yard shaping up

Soon left bear and empty

Next year we do it all over again

Pulling out the yard furniture and lawn decorations

They look so nice in between the flowers and the trees

Making it more pleasant

Now we pull out the Christmas decorations

Making the month of December festive and bright

Changing the décor

Creates a mood

One more way to express happiness

Then sharing that feeling of joy in every day

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