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When We Feel Under The Weather

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Hang In There Until We Feel Better

The worst thing is

We have to wait it out

Our stomach might me doing flip flops

A pounding headache decided to add to the fun

We wonder was someone else sick ?

In work or a member of my family or friends

I was feeling fine

Then all of a sudden

I got the chills

I don't feel right

I feel awfully tired

I am off to bed to get some rest

I felt this way yesterday then it went away

I thought I was all better

Now I feel the same way again

I might cancel plans for tomorrow

I don't want to get anyone else sick

I'm nauseous and I have that queasy feeling

All I want to do is feel better

Life is funny this way

Sometimes it takes a simple reminder

To refresh our memory

How wonderful it feels to be healthy

When we don't feel up to par

One minute to the next is always different

Now I feel hot

Well for the most part I am always healthy

Today is an exception to the rule

I watch my wife as she struggles with the blues

I feel helpless

All I can do is give her love and support

Do a little extra around the house

See if I can make her comfortable

Give her some special attention and prayers

Her body has to do the hard work

I know there is a lesson in here

We might find so many things to do

Racing around from morning to night

Busy with work and earning the almighty dollar

I am proud to say

Our health is the best gift of all

On any given day