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The Journey Of Soul

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Amara is a writer and love to express her thoughts and emotions through poems and poetry.

After death, comes a new life. Photo credit, Pixabay

After death, comes a new life. Photo credit, Pixabay

We all wonder what happens next, when we die, We think our journey of life has come to an end, but in reality its not true. This journey is continued. Soul is an eternal being, it's just body that dies, not Soul. Soul is a light, Soul is an energy, it never dies.

When I will die, what's next

You don't know, neither do I,

But I have heard and believe

Angels come to get your Soul,

And when they will come to get my Soul

I will be taken up in the skies,

On seventh sky, is Throne of my Lord

My Soul will be taken there,

I will bow down to my Lord

My Lord is Great and Merciful,

Then it will be taken back, to my grave

Which will be my final resting place,

Grave is just a curtain, for the paradise behind

It just depends on your deeds, what you have earned your whole life,

But when I die, please don't cry

Death is the reality, we have to say goodbye,

I will be just a memory, don't shed tears for me

I am not going to miss this world, my soul will get an eternity,

As a seed sown in the earth, brings a new life

It is a start of a new life, as Soul never dies.

© 2021 Amara

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