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When We Continue No Matter What Happens

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Carry On

We made plans months before

Then we finalized the date weeks ago

We thought then everything would be great

Spending time together with our Goddaughter

Who lives out of state

Make a whole day of it

Pick her up early

Take a nice drive to Massachusetts

Go to my place of work

Drive-by our childhood homes

Tell her about our life

Go to the Revere Beach

Maybe go swimming or at least walk the beach

Just have simple fun

We knew the day would be different since the Pandemic

What we didn't know the weather would be against us too

Now we can still take a drive

Thunderstorms our suppose to come

Here it is five in the morning

I already see fog

Not a good day to do outdoor activities

Maybe we can walk around stores instead

They have recently opened up

Which is something new

Walmart and Target have been open

A little over four hours away

Plans look pretty awful

I keep reminding myself

Spending time together is better

Just seeing each other

How do we explain that to a fifteen year old

The one thing we will not do is cancel

Then that is not fair to her

Well we will just have to wait and see

Maybe we can ask her what she would like to do

Then we could meet somewhere in between

Making the best of a tough situation

We have seen on the news

Where graduating students have had it rough

No proms

No parties

No celebration

Simple birthdays have been put on hold

I know there are so many important issues going on in the world

Sometimes we have to just kick back and forget all the bad

Kick up our heels

Say hooray!

I am so happy for this opportunity

To live one more day

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