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When We Are Puzzled

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We Try To Figure Things Out

Most of the time

Things that don't make sense

Are like a foreign language

I see other people learn quickly and adapt

I on the other hand

Look on with amazement and curiosity

My mind floats from one idea to the next

I spend most of my time

Dreaming up ideas that aren't commonplace

Creating new thoughts that haven't been discussed

Searching for words that describe my feelings and emotions

At every turn

I have gone through twelve years of school

Then on to college

I use my years of learning only to find I come up short

Nothing prepares us for the unknown

It is always better to keep an open mind

Watching what other people do

Trying to find our own niche

One that describes us to a t

Gives us pleasure

Not in material wealth but one that exceeds our dimension

Catching thoughts that fly through the air

Not visible to the naked eye

But still there

Stringing them along to form a song

One that can be hummed

One that can be played on the piano keys

If it is only given more time

A thought is just a dream in the making

Until we think another thought

Then it is a few words that bind together

Forming a bunch of thoughts that delight each other

Once these thoughts were separate and lost

Looking for a home

Wanting a place of their own

So they can grow and nourish

With each rising sun

They drift back in time

When the sun sets

Only to recreate something more beautiful than before

To give other people something they need

Finding a lost desire

A love that doesn't expire

You may flip the pages of any book

Only to see words that please and tease

A writer took the time when other people walked away

Feeling Empowered and numb

Knowing this is only the beginning

There is a long journey to follow

Many roads lead to a dead-end

If we are blessed we may find the path

One that may never have been traveled

It could also be the most driven

Only to reveal something so unique

That with the right care and understanding

It can reveal something as powerful as the sun

Just as blinding

Making this life

One of sweet joy

Instead of sadness and sorrow

Where we enjoy the day

At the same time looking for a better tomorrow

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