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When We Are In A Pickle

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We Look For Ways To Get Out

Any suggestion will gladly help

In a world that anything can happen

We hope and pray for the best

There are times where we feel awful

Our head feels like it is in a vice

So that my friend is not so nice

Our printer won't print

We can't sleep

Tossing and turning

Pounding our pillow senseless

We are too hot than later too cold

Uncomfortable and yet looking for a restful sleep

It's like an itch in the middle of the back that just won't go away

If we add it all together

Nothing seems to make sense

Our cell phone is on the blink

Sometimes it will charge

Other times it will say reconnect

The simplest notions our challenged

The bright sunny weather is hot and humid

Is it trying to tell us something?

Then we get an unexpected rain

A quick downpour

It comes down hard and everything we see

Is soaking wet

The funny thing is I love pickles

You can give me a dill

But I prefer those little sweet gerkins

Sweet mixed with a little cauliflower and round onions

We begin to question every thought

I don't know if anyone really understands ?

What happened to the days we woke up with endless amounts of energy ?

Energetic and enthusiastic

I look outside and I see morning fog in a distance

It fits only so well with this odd mood

I feel off track

I found all we can do is ride out this imaginary storm

I hear in the news California is having more wildfires

More people losing there homes

The wildfires are the size of Rhode island

That is pretty bad

Politics at every turn

It is election time once again

The news paints a depressing picture

Mail fraud and who did what ?


Everyone points the finger

Whatever happened to admitting we are only human

We have made some mistakes

Haven't you ?

Lets see if we can do better

With your help

I know we can and will make changes

That help not hurt

We become cynical of all politicians that make promises

Who and what do we believe ?

This is the time

I have to search deep inside myself

Looking for what makes me the happiest

I refocus on my simple life

Pleasing my wife

If it is rubbing her back for no reason

Listening to her every word

When she talks

Surprising her with little bits of off the wall humor

Just to get a laugh or her wonderful smile

This makes her feel good in return makes me feel better

When those darn tomato bugs have eaten my tomato plant

The garden hose sprung a leak

Like a little boy peeing in the corner

We have had lots of dry weather

So I green grass has turned brown

Our plants have been chewed up by the Japanese Beetles

Even though we sprayed and put out traps

A bug had the nerve of crawling right across my computer screen

I almost didn't want to kill it

It was lost just like me

Then I smashed it like a hot potato

Work has had it's own little quirks

What happened when work was just fine ?

We have had some unexpected rushes

People calling in and the remaining workers have to pick up the slack

I see other co-workers are in their own little funk

Even our cat Charlotte has been off the wall

No wait she is her usual self

It is I just notice it more

As one more thing

The toilet clogged

That was an easy fix

Pouring a bucket of water in the bowl

Only after the plunger didn't work

We have stumbled across the answer

So we keep looking for little solutions

That bring about a positive result

That feeling of satisfaction replaces our last negative thought

Then we gain some momentum

We are rolling down the street like a ball

Picking up speed and having fun at the same time

I don't have any more good things yet

I just know they are hiding

Like a big game of hide and seek

Here I come

i will find you

Wherever you are?

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