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When We Are Down It Gives Us Time To Look Up

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It's Now Or Never

The days go by so fast

It is hard to believe so much time has passed

Since we last spoke

When we laughed at the last joke

Heard a giggle or seen a huge smile

For it makes my eyes tear up

Passion makes people

Beautiful thoughts do exist

In a world where so much can go wrong

There is a constant pattern

Of all the things that go right

It is easier to forget

When we have a problem or something troubling that we can't figure out

We can get lost

In our own misbeliefs and uncertainty

If we think back to an earlier time

When things were fine

Hold those emotions tight

Release them slowly

One by one

See how our mood changes from sad to better

Even if we are not great right now

There is a silver lining shining

I may not see it

But I can feel it

It touches my soul

Worries get us down

Love brings us up

The more love we give

The more time we spend on the things that matter

Today it may be simple

Getting up in the morning

Putting our slippers on

Tomorrow it may be

Eating a good breakfast and taking any medicine when needed

Soon the activities grow

Back to work some people may go

Where once we shook our head and said

Oh no

Picking up the phone to talk

Going to the doctors appointments can be difficult

Each time we are apprehensive and uncertain

Medical science has come along way

I am blessed to see so many advances

In a world where so many people want to turn back time

Do things different

I am happy the way things are

Because if I wasn't born at the right time

I wouldn't be here

I was born premature and small

Doctors say as little as five pounds

As small as a five pound bag of sugar

Most people would say sugar isn't good for you

I have a different take

I see sugar in a different light

My lungs and heart weren't yet developed

So my story goes

As my mother once told me

Who know longer can repeat

Very few other people ever knew

i was rushed to an incubator

I had a 50/50 chance of surviving

Now babies are born a lot smaller

Miracles happen every day

Things could have turned out so different

I for one

Am glad they turned out the way they did

So each breath I take

May be small

Each thought I think may be unclear

I tinker a little and twist a lot

Shaking things up a bit

Things don't come easy

Mistakes happen more than I would like

Fifty-seven years later

My ticker is still ticking

I can tell you what that feels like

My heart beats

A pulse pushes blood though my veins

How and why it works

I have no clue

I listen to other people who have been in the weeds

I can only imagine how hard and scary it must be

I can not stop thinking

What can I do ?

Feeling helpless and afraid

I turn to what I know

Writing makes me feel better

So if it is a few lines

That lead me to a poem

I write what is on my mind

One thought investigating the other

Thinking of a good friend

I know as Brenda Arledge

Some people know her as Brendz

Watching her struggle

Dealing with one problem after another

She is strong

She is resilient

She is loved

So as I go on with my day

Getting breakfast and then walking out to water my flowers

I see the beauty in everything

Even if things don't go as planned

I will keep on waiting

I may be one step closer than I think

Waiting and waiting

Till the beauty catches up to me

© 2022 DREAM ON

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