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When Two People Have a Difference of Opinion

The Best Way Is Not Always Easily Accepted

It's that time again

Putting away all the summer clothes

From tank tops to shorts

Bathing suits to short pajamas

Bringing out those heavy winter jackets, gloves, hats etc.

We have limited room

So we store them in plastic containers

One on top of the other

In the back room

Then we fill our suitcases with jackets and light blankets

Tuck them in their own closet

I noticed my wife laying the clothes in the containers

Opened up wide and laying flat

I use to fold them in half and stack them up and down

I mentioned to my wife they take up too much room

So now we need three containers instead of two

She said there is no difference

I wasn't going to win

So I said o.k.

I will wait till later and reorganize

I let a few weeks pass

Then I decided to do what she didn't want to do

To my surprise the clothes took up about the same room

Easier to find and get in a pinch

I figured I would tell her

In a nice way

The way you had the clothes

You can't find anything

It is better to pile them up neat

On top of each other

I opened up the plastic containers

Judgement day

She looked at me and said with no hesitation


That was it

She didn't care and it didn't matter at all

Now we both are happy as before

I don't get it

When she once stood firm

Now she could less about

I will never be able to figure her out

© 2021 DREAM ON

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