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When Troubles Strike

Don't Roll Over And Play Dead

Get up and fight

Fight with all you have

Because you want too

Not because you have too

Notebook in hand

Cut up fruit and a water by your side

You want to stay healthy inside and out

Don't let other people fool you

Trick you in believing they don't care

If it was up to them

If it was their idea

Watch and see how they would respond

Search and find what makes you really happy

Keep doing it

No matter what other people think

I go back to a simpler time

There is nothing like a nice crunch of an apple

It gets me excited

The juice is so delicious

Mouth watering to say the least

There is no bite I don't like

It may not be candy

I am sure it it more healthy and will give you the energy you so deserve

So if it is late at night

Early in the morning

Let those ideas fly

Take the time

Write or type them out neatly

A chicken scratch idea is good for the chickens

Not good for you or me

Learn from the chickens

Pluck away at it

Just like they do

Day after day

They don't complain and neither should we

Rewrite Your good idea

Over and over

As many times as needed

Act on it again and again

Act on it whenever you can

Act on it when you are tired

Act on it when you are up early

Act on it when you have ten minutes of free time

Make it happen

Above all stop listening to other people

Don't think what they think

Be special

Be different

Be proud

Stand alone and then there will come a time

We will stand together

Sharing not only good ideas that went somewhere

The best part

Our ideas that we alone made happen



Make the world better

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