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When Times Get Tough We Have to Think Outside the Box

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Now Is No Different

My father use to say

Two heads are better than one

I have to agree

When we see changes we don't like

We can take it on the chin

Don't respond with anger and frustration

It only complicates the situation


Then respond when we are good and ready

On our terms

We can make it work

We don't have to accept the outcome

We should take our time

To try to understand the why's and the how's things happen

Then knowing the best information possible

We can create a good possible outcome

We can change our opinion as we learn and understand more

When we bounce our ideas off our friends

We can not only create something beautiful

I like to think absolutely wonderful

Because we are each living our own life

The one that secretly makes us happy

The one you love

The way you want

The one I love

The one I want

It is magical

One that can work for both of us

At the same time

I can't not picture one day

Without all the people I care about

No matter how much I have or do

It wouldn't matter

People is where it counts

So as I try to solve my own problems

I will share them with you

All you have to do is want to hear and ask

Please, feel free to write or e-mail me your thoughts

I am willing to share

I appreciate all the extra effort

We both have left our comfort zone

Together we can reach a new level

We may see a glimpse of unlimited potential

That is only the beginning

One that could never could be reached alone

So don't throw the towel in

Put it in the washer instead and give it a spin