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When Things Slow Down

Find A Way To Keep Busy

Occupy your mind not your body

When other people get bored and bothered

I find something to catch my interest

To stimulate my train of thought

If it is a story I just read

Watching people around me

Thinking a new thought I let surface

Like crystals on top of the snow

They are there but not always noticed or appreciated

I make sure I eat so I can turn healthy food into energy

Exercise a little even if it is a simple walk

I try to write a few feelings down on paper and express those a little deeper

I have to be my own self charging station

Know when to refuel and keep my energy flowing

Most people turn to their phone

Finding things on the Internet or FaceBook

They get hit with such a barrage of information

So much they won't remember

Only to overwhelm them and send their mind into confusion

After long term use

Things that were different become a regular routine

I instead think of things I have done

Activities that I enjoyed

Find ways to impove on myself and my life

Making my wife happier

Surprising her when she leasts expect it

Keeping our love alive and fresh

So each day will always be exciting and different

In so many good positive ways