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When Your Day And Night Blends So Beautiful Together

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One Of Those Special Times

There is no rhyme or reason

Life is filled with so much joy

Some how, some way

We learn to tap into the incredible passion

If it is through years of practice

Then in our free time

Hoping and praying we get it right

Some days are so seamless and filled with a lovely magic

A hidden gem

There for you to explore and enjoy

When other people are still searching

One day they may find a gift so wonderful

That leaves you speechless and at the same time breathless

You don't know how long it will last

Better yet you will not know when if ever it will come again

All you do know is it feels right

One great thought repeats

Over and over

Without effort

So peaceful and graceful

It may not be perfect

But it is so close to amazing

That it makes you wonder ?

What could possibly be better ?

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