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When The Voices Came


I wish I could remember, when the voices came to stay.

Maybe then I'd find the strength to make them go away.

This is what I ask myself in an alcoholic haze.

My heads so screwed I feel like I am living in a maze.

I have not had an easy life, or trauma for to find.

I tried so hard to bury things in the recess of my mind.

Oh my beloved alcohol, my loyal trusted friend.

You always make me feel so good, and all my problems end.

But now you have the power, you have got inside my brain.

I know that you are killing me, but still I can’t abstain.

I’ve tried and tried,so many times to rely on you no longer.

But every time you twist the knife and come back even stronger

I’m drunk again, you won again,will you never let me free?

I can't believe that this is how, my life was meant to be.

I’m crying now, you've got me beat, I lie down in the rain.

I pray to god to let me rest and finally stop the pain.

My prayers weren't answered, I'm still in this living hell.

Will I ever find a way to leave? Only time will tell.