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When The Unexpected Becomes The Expected

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You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

I know it's summer

With it comes bugs and rodents

Also beautiful birds and chipmunks and squirrels

Sometimes deer or a woodchuck

This year it is all of them at once

I go out to enjoy the yard

There I see a woodchuck running across the grass and under our shed

It was just last week I put up some hornet traps

Sixteen hornets down and fifty to go

A few days ago my wife caught an ant climbing the curtain

I sprayed ant killer all around the house for the second time

This morning I was down the cellar

Going to put a load of laundry in

There was a half dead mouse

Wobbling back and forth

I felt sorry for him

Then he just fell over and died

I put some decon (mice poison) just incase

Around the outside of the house

Then a couple of traps in the cellar

They can come through the littlest opening

My wife and I have been busy putting a few tomato plants in pots

We will see how that goes

I bought a used electric weed wacker some people call it trimmer

Twenty-five dollars and it works like a charm

My wife said for Father's Day would you like a yard trimmer

For the price of a little over a hundred dollars

They look awesome

I would always use an old fashioned sickle

Good exercise for the hips and arms

The grass is getting high in certain areas

I just don't have the time

So I said thank you but no thank you

Then we we went to our local restore

Where they have lots of tools and second-hand things

I looked around and it wasn't long before I found a few things I instantly liked

I bought an old sander for ten, A jigsaw for thirty and a weed wacker for twenty-five

And six drill bits that look like new a dollar each

For seventy-one dollars I got so much more for my money

With some leftover and we went out to eat

I not a big tool person

I am a simple smart shopper

Trying to get a little more bang for my buck

I don't need the fastest and best

I need something that works and does the job

Now I am busy moving beautiful wildflowers to a different area

Years ago I planted them in the front yard

They looked great but because they are so invasive

The roots got down into a sump pump that we have

Five-hundred dollars later

The repairman said

If I was you I would take those flowers out of there

Their vines go long and deep

This is how something so nice

Can be a kick in the pants

So I decided to move them to another part of the yard

Away from any danger

I call it a wildflower relocation program

In a safe zone where we both can exist

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