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When the Stars Must of Been Aligned

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Everything Just Seemed So Perfect

I went to work

I had a busy day

Things went right

Things went wrong

They all some how worked out

I rushed to get things done

The weather was beautiful

It took my mind off everything

It is like time stopped

I accomplished a lot in a short period of time

Whenever something went bad

There was someone there to help

Each move was in sync

Even as the day is winding down

Off to bed soon

My body may be a little sore

Out of the blue

My neighbor brought me some chicken

To top it off

Homemade brownies too

It was so good

My stomach is full

The house is quiet

I can feel my heart still rejoicing

I will sleep with a smile on my face

I am sure like in all things

God plays a major part

I am happy as a lark

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