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When The Rain Stopped!

Sujata is not a poet. But she uses the form of poetry to write what she feels. She writes raw poetry, out of emotions that could touch you!


When the rain stopped,

I realized how blessed I am!

When I looked around,

There were the ones all wet in the storm.


When the rain stopped

And the storm passed by

And there was just the drizzle,

I realized how blessed I am!

I would say the drizzle was a message,

From the power that is above,

Telling me,

To hold on and to flow

To wait till he allows and then to flow

To where he lets

To flow when he lets me in.

And when the rain stopped,

It was time to walk out,

Walk out to see how things are

And know how blessed I am!

I kept looking out

Looking out to see how do I face it?

Or do I even face it?

Looking in to see if there is care.

Then comes the face,

With the humblest of the smiles

And asking, “can you face what is there outside?”

“Can you face the storm alone?”

And that is when I realize,

How blessed I am,


Do I have an option?


Do I run away again?


So much of running around

So much of running away

Where are we actually heading?



I stay in and count my blessings!

Looking around,

I see the smiling faces.

Looking around,

When I see,

That look that brings me peace.

Looking around,

When I see,

That fear of concern

That fear of lose

That fear of lost hope.

When I see,

That look that says, “Stay”,

I remember,

How blessed I am!!

“Are you doing okay?”

“Are you alright?”

“Can I be there?”

The bond that makes it all better.

The bond that keeps you going.

The bond that makes you feel at ease.

The bond that makes you wake up in the morning.

And the one that lets you sleep in peace.

And then I know,


How blessed I am!


But no expectations!


But no attachment,

Just a detached longing,


A detached sense of belonging!

Is it even possible,

To belong and yet not to belong?

Is it even possible,

To want and yet not to want?

Or is it just the dilemma of the reality?

And the truth that holds it all back!

The truth that keeps us from flowing!

And yet,

That look of innocence once,

And I realize,

How blessed I am!

No, it is not that!

No, it is not demanding!

And no, it is not pushing!

Just a flowing feeling,

Flowing to where,

I know not that!

I know not what I feel,

I know not how to flow!


I know I got to flow

Coz the power above lets me to,

Let’s me to flow and lets me in!

Do I know where I go?

Do I know what I hope?

Do I even know what I know?


I know

That I am blessed!!

And when this subsides,

Just like the storm and the rain,

I will feel the drizzle again,

Coz I know,

That I am blessed!

Or maybe,

The storm has already passed

And this is the calm, after!

The peace after!

Is it the bright sun,

That is brightening up the path

And making me realize,

How blessed I am?

Is there a destination in mind?


Do I know the way ahead?



Do I want to know?

Perhaps, no!

But do I want to keep going?

Maybe, yes!

How far,

I know not that!

For a change,

I know nothing at all,

And yet,

It feels all in place!

All in place to hold on!

Is it forever?

Who knows what is forever?


Can I hold on now?


Hold on for so long as it lasts!

The drizzle,

For as long as the power above drizzles blessings,

For so long as the innocence gives peace,

For so long as,

The belonging feels true!

True enough to not hold on,

But to let go

And love from so far apart,

And know,

That I am blessed!!

And when the rain stops,

And there is the drizzle remaining,

With the blessings so strong,

And the bond so deep,

Will it be enough,

To go on for as long as I need?


© 2021 Sujata Hazarika

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