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When The Noises Fade

Ann Pejana has a degree in Computer Science and has a passion for writing. She has loads of books as her great collection in life.

When The Noises Fade

I sit by the window
You sit at arm's length.
On the table are two cups of latte,
One pack of toasted bread.
I look at you, trying to hold your gaze to mine.
My lip is about to utter some words but
I glance at your busy hands,
I sink the words back into my lungs.

I pick one half of toasted bread,
Dip it into my hot coffee before
I savor the taste in my tongue.
It's buttery, outside is windy.
I see you lift the mug, lip touches the rim.
I see your throat slowly swallow
the bittersweet liquid you just drink.
I see that sometimes you don't really see me.
I hear that sometimes you don't really hear me.
Perhaps, I understand why.
Perhaps, I don't.

Once more, I look at you
Before willing my eyes away to
The view outside the window.
I see the daisy has bloom prettily.
It sits on the pot against the soft touch of
The afternoon sunlight.
I see the green leaves of the orchids, and
The yellow candle flowers.
I see your black thick hair.
I see your dark brown eyes.
Then, suddenly, it's black and white.
All things in motion have stopped too.
I hear the noises around me.
Then, suddenly, it fades.
That's when I hear the voices
Not from the person next to me
Nor from the people outside the window.
The words are vivid.
The sound is clear.
Except I, no one is out there.

The words and me.
So, I listen to every word I say.
I listen to the silent sentences inside of me.
I listen to the voice saying
sorry for being such a burden and a baby.
I listen to the voice crying for not able to make you stress-free.
I listen to the voice saying thank you for being with me.
I listen to the voice saying I love you indefinitely.
I listen to the voice saying I miss you terribly.
I listen to the voice saying I miss us each and every day.
I listen to the voice urging me to run away
To the wilderness, or to the forest deep,
There is where I rest.

I blink my eyes once, twice, and
See your dark brown eyes.
I see your hand in my arms, and
See the background color return.
It's the reality once more.
I listen to the voice until it sluggishly fades.
Until your voice is the only sound in my head.
I savor the minutes that
your voice is the only sound I hear.
Not long, and it disappears.

I wish you could listen to
my thoughts as much as I love to hear yours.
My wish was granted; If only in dreams.
When the noises fade, silence in the air.
That's when it's loud in my head.

© 2020 Ann Pejana