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When the Chips Are Down

There Is No Time To Waste

This is the perfect moment

To act like a sponge

Absorb it all

Extract every feeling and emotion

Toss them up in the air

As high as you can

Let the breeze carry them away

You already have done all you can do

Now the best thing

Is to let time pass

Today is the best day in America to celebrate

The famous Fourth Of July

I have to work

While other people relax and enjoy

Having fun with their families and friends

It is not the what I planned

I had little choice

What I can find

Remembering how important work is

Now what can I do ?

Give 100% more

Turn those quick thoughts

Into long lasting memories

Think of today as an onion

I first glance and feel

Nothing could be worse

If you have ever peeled an onion

You know exactly what I mean

The smell on your hands

The burning in your eyes

It is quite uncomfortable

Then again if you have had saute' onions

Raw onions in a salad or on a sandwich

They really make your meal

They are healthy for you

They carry antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties

Reduce level of cancer and cholesterol and bone health

Remember the good

Not the bad

Keep on the look out

For more good will come

© 2022 DREAM ON

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