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When The Chips Are Down

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That Is When It Counts

My wife is a little tired today

She is not feeling her best

She got a little chill

A little sniffle and a raspy voice

Maybe the start of a cold

I suggest plenty of rest

Extra vitamin c

Some watermelon and pomegranate juice

Your body has to do the work

I can be a help assistant

The weather turned cooler

Maybe that can be a reason her body is adjusting

I know when I am not up to speed

It takes me a few days to get back on track

Sometimes I don't feel like writing

Then my wife knows somethings up

There are little clues we give each other

No words have to be said

So I will do a little more

Bending over backwards is a lot easier

When you want to

Instead of when you have to

We both have to go to work

So most of the time my wife will cook lunch

I will have to pull up the slack

Doing the right thing at the right time

Makes her feel better

Pressed for time

I have to get ready myself

Soon we will both be at top speed

Feeling good as ever

Sharing the love that grows and grows

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