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When The Best Plans Hit The Fan

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So It Didn't Work Out As Expected

So what

No big deal

We tried

We gave it our best effort

Don't curse

Don't rumble under your breath

In a day we will forget this ever happened

O.K. maybe in a week

It started out fun and turned quickly into a nightmare

You can complain till your red in the face

You are only going to get me upset

Nothing accomplished

My wife tried to make lobster casserole

Lets say it was easier to read

Harder to make

We had too much liquid

So we had to improvise

It was good and it could have been better

It was made with love

That is enough for me

So as I clean up the dirty dishes

Our stomachs are full once again

We spoiled ourselves with a special treat

It was nice

What will I remember from this day ?

That we worked together

We made mistakes

It is alright not to be perfect

Sometimes mediocre is the best we can be

Until next time

We will have to wait and see

© 2022 DREAM ON

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