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When Something Good Gets Even Better

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It's So Easy To See

As we watch our daily life unfold

We can notice so many things that aren't so nice

The world has it's problems

They affect the things we do

We can adjust to any circumstance if need be

At the same time we have the ability to enjoy all that is good

We can treat each other with respect and dignity

Honesty and love

That not only grounds me

It gives me great hope

That tomorrow will be better than today

If some people don't change

It is not my problem

They have to deal with their own life

They also have to deal with their own struggles and dramas

I know life is short

We all think we are going to live a long time

The real truth is we can die at anytime

So we don't have plenty of time to change

Well I for one

Don't have to wait for that day to come

I find happiness in every day

In as many ways as possible

Solving problems as they come

Bringing joy into our hearts and souls

I tell my wife you keep that up

I am going to hug you all day

Your arms are going to get tired

You won't be able to hold them up

My wife and I joke and love being together

Every day we find new ways to make each other happy

As we both prepare for our day

Doing all those little things we have to do

Off to work we go

Giving us the money

To pay our bills and pay for our home

Where we spend most of our days and nights

Giving us a lovely start

It is then up to us

To find a slice of happiness in every day

Then share it with everyone we know