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When Realization Broke Up With Me

Shibangi Das, currently pursuing her graduation, likes to write poems often and mostly she puts life into emotions and non-living objects.

I wondered about the realization

What is it actually?

Is it a coward?

Because whenever needed

It always hides itself

Behind the stormy tides

That devastates everything in seconds.

But then out of nowhere

one day it came out

and stood in front of me very proudly.

When at that moment I got up

to spat all my anger on it,

the next moment

I got denatured

and with all sorts of kind thoughts

I got nourished.

Closed eyes gave out

drizzle of tears

and my guilt-ridden voice

built for it (the realization)

a mountain of questions,

“Why you never came before?”

Was I too bad to be understood?

Why you left me all alone?

Why didn’t you distract me

from the wrong path

and led me to the one that’s good?”

Heaving a sigh

it told me

why he did all this,

“Because we value those things the most

which we often take for granted

when they temporarily vanish."

"It is not like

I have never come to you before

I was always by your side,

but you never noticed me or say

I was less prioritized than the others."

"So I had to walk off

to make you realize my importance

and life’s beauty

within the cruel reality too.”

I ran towards it

and hugged it as tightly as I could,

“Now enough of your tricks

I understood how much I need you.

Now promise me

you will never leave me alone

and I promise you the same too.”

“I promise”

we both echoed

and with happiness and satisfaction

we both glowed.

© 2020 Shibangi Das

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