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When Queen Elizabeth 11 Died

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Queen Elizabeth 11, the longest reigning monarchy of the English crown died peaceably on 8 September, 2022. She reigns for 70 years, and 314 days on the royal throne, having ascended the throne of her fore-fathers at 25 years.

Is there ever an English black queen? According to records, Sophie Charlotte, was the first black queen of Great Britain or England. Sophia seem to be a descended from a union between the ruler Alfonso 111, a Portuguese, and Madragana, a Morish African. This article is a poem about the Queen's demise.

Queen Elizabeth 11

Queen Elizabeth reigns

Queen Elizabeth reigns

When Queen Elizabeth Died

When Queen Elizabeth died,

and the flood gates of heaven open,

with thunder, lighting, and some heavy downpour!

But no thunderbolt struck,

at any part of her domain.

Then, her God and Creator speak,

with a rainbow as of old.

Queen Elizabeth is still Royal,

depicted in the blazing rainbow colours.

He spoke a language of Royalty to all.

Again, the sky blaze with a bright, green, blue meteor,

falling peaceably into the Atlantic.

She from heaven all her earthly domain:

colonial, dominion, and overseas!

Queen Elizabeth reigns!

Queen Elizabeth now lives in eternity in heaven.

Having made peace, with her God and Creator long ago.

She lives memorably in the hearts of mankind on earth.

Em-bold in status, and institutions…

Rest in eternal bliss, Queen Elizabeth.

Queen of the United Kingdom

As Queen of the United Kingdom, made up of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and some former 17 Commonwealth independent colonies, and present 15 colonies, still in the Commonwealth, her reign is being debated on both positive and negative scale, on the side of the independent colonies.

In spite of that, she died at a good old age of 96 years, at her beloved country home, Balmoral Castle, on the Scottish Island.

Her full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary and born on 21 April 1926.

The queen during World War 11 joined the British Army women's section or Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) as a driver and trained as a mechanic.

Queen Elizabeth 11

Queen Elizabeth Depicted in Coins and Notes




She’ll be buried on Monday, 19 September 2022. May her soul rest in perfect peace.


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