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When Our Good Feelings Just Get Better And Better

A Great Way To Start The Day

My wife calling friends and family she loves

Keeping in touch

I am catching up on washing the dishes and a few little chores

It is raw and cold outside

Inside our house pleasant and peaceful

Our cat Charlotte sleeping

Ideas slowly forming

Not quite there as they need some more attention

The rain never amounted to anything

All the stress have been lifted

One more day before a day off

The flowers and grass are starting to peek through

The sun is trying everything it can to pay a visit

All the clouds blended together to make a light blue collage

No real desire to start a new project

Not enough time to get involved in anything

Just relaxing and watching videos on the computer

Recovering from a busy night of work

Well rested and my body still feeling a little sore

From working out in the yard

This is a lovely time of the year

The morning to chill out

Then off to work

Making everything possible

The bills will be paid for another month

Happiness in little bites

Makes life fun to enjoy

Each step along the way

No matter what your plans are

May everyone keep healthy and happy

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