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When Nature's Seeds Burn

I am the sun
The burning surface boiling upon my skin
My fire has no friend, I can never sleep
Daylight has no end, still I’d rather be light
Than darkness where love has never been

I am the moon
The cold dust upon which romance is kept
Foot prints behind were left, alien visitors we
Where the sun scarcely set, the still reflection
That could never turn away as mankind wept

I am the desert
Upon which your thirst searches for meaning
An oasis of dreaming, the heat will not turn aside
Life giving, a water well, guarded by desperate men
All that is written is the strength of love’s feeling

You are the son
Believing in me, the light darkening your skin
Carried by the wind, blinding sand and snow
By birth you were forgiven, now I weep my son
My light was love, praying for God's will to begin

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