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When My Nice-Mood Was Left Behind

(also spelled as 'Abhishek Nayak') Writer, Blogger


Everything was going well that day,

I was walking with my nice-mood side-by-side

Then something happened which made me leave my nice-mood behind

When my nice mood was left behind,

I got a little vulnerable when I didn’t find my mood by my side

When I kept moving with my mood trailing behind,

The plans got spoiled which were in my mind

It made me feel low when it reminded me that Whatever plan I make of any kind

There is always ‘someone’ or ‘something’ which troubles the plan in my mind

Like I had said I found on my way these ‘someones’ and ‘somethings’ which pushed my mood further behind

And they kept playing with my mind

It was getting more difficult for me to move ahead with these games going on in my mind

So, I tried to move back a little to get along with my mood

but the situations were stopping me to reach that behind

When I found it very hard to get that behind

Then I found on my way some good ‘someones’ and ‘somethings’

Which helped me cross those barriers to get along my mood

And everything got well again in my mind


This journey keeps going on in my mind

and it’s not easy for me to get along every time with my mood,

sometimes I leave the mood behind,

sometimes the mood leaves me behind

and in other times my mood gets along with me

which makes peace in my mind

© 2021 Abhisek Nayak