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When Love Comes to Town


When Love Comes to Town

Surrounded by melancholia, a broken heart disease
He wandered from movie, to music, to person, to drug
Intoxicant, one after another, his loneliness
Would compare well to lonesome cemetery trees

I always wondered why some men become a husk
Forever they dwell inside their shell
I know now that lack of love is the reason
For a life to exist entirely in winter's season

Love is the axe, rending that unending
Frozen sea which exists in mankind
Love is the herald of spring, song and sun
Without love, can a man be called human?

If man's love for another can cause a miracle
Can you imagine what happens when
we open our hearts to the Creator's Love?
Spiritual ecstasy, bliss continuous and eternal

© 2019 Mo Durrani

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