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When Life Started Getting Easier

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It Made A Surprise Turn To Be More Challenging

Work became easier

Home life was also in tune

Each thing I thought had worked out the kinks

Now I can breathe

Relax and enjoy each day of pleasure

I don't mean retire just yet

I just mean no aggravation

Nothing to worry about

Little stress

So I am like a little kid who gets his feet wet for the first time

This was so much fun

Dancing through puddles in a heavy rain

Then we come home

In our moment of triumphant glory

Mom drops the boom

Your all wet

Take those wet socks off

I hope you didn't ruin those good sneakers

What were you thinking ?

Suddenly every good thought you ever had

Crashed faster than a light bulb hitting the floor

Disappearing right before our eyes

Well let me explain

My wife brought our car in for an oil change

The dealer noticed we have blown our right front strut

Both should be replaced

That's about an eight hundred and twenty five dollar bill

He made it sound like nothing

It can be ready in about two hours

My wife said like we have the money just sitting in our pocket

Itching to be spent

Which is not the case

So we will take care of it in a few weeks

Life has been a little on the tight and narrow lately

Other unexpected costs have recently come up

Added to paying down our fuel bill over the winter

Cash is not at a premium

It is a little hard to come by

So we have to watch our spending

I wont kid you some bills have to wait

I know we will make it through

My wife and I both work very hard at our jobs

Overtime is not an option at my job

Do to our tricky work schedules

My wife can't work extra hours either

I know many people have it a lot worse

So we knuckle down and our careful not too over spend

Keep to our budget

Knowing in a few weeks we will have a little cushion

Well just to find out

Our cushions have been eaten over the winter by mice

Now they are gone and we have to buy new ones

Our cushions are just fine

We do have mice in our cellar

I have glue traps by the walls laid out

That has caught one in the past

I checked them all dusty and dirty

Some how this mouse is smarter than the rest

I put a little Tom Catt mice poison down

To trick the little fella into an early demise

Mice seem to make their way through the littlest opening

Sometimes they come in through an open door

They are so fast

You don't always see them

They say when it rains it pours

At my work two of my most favorite managers our leaving

I know what I had

I don't know what new managers we are going to get

So the car is important and it can't wait for too long

The mice problem is something we hope will be an easy fix

The weather turned nice and my wife noticed some big black ants on the stairs

We have to be careful

We don't want to have an ant problem too

Carpenter ants our the big ones

We have bought some mulch for the yard

They are not uncommon

I don't want to let something little turn into a problem

Nip it in the bud so to speak

I think everything is budding at once

So it is a question of doing first things first

Yesterday coming in from outside

My wife noticed a tiny bug on me

It was a tick

I have glad she noticed it

It was on my back where I couldn't see

They say this year is a bad tick season

So we spray ourselves not to have a problem

We just started watching the new Rosanne on t.v.

We thought it was funny

The program was getting high ratings

Until Rosanne Barr tweeted out something offensive

Now her program got cancelled

Millions of dollars lost

People out of a job

All in a blink of an eye

Well never a dull moment

As I drink a nice cold gulp of water

One mouthful at a time

Once again I try to make sense of all of this

Give things a chance

They will work out just fine