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When Its Time To Say Your Ready


This reality is trippy and we are just living in it,

past lives, past memories all going away too fast.

Cant say I wish for a do over but If I can go back in time I would.

I miss those memories in my grandparents house

Resting and living my life on the east side

listening to music and living my best life

seeing their youthful appearance and thinking

we would be like this forever, boy was I wrong.

Now years later their faces changing and looking

at my own in the reflection in the mirror

It is coming to me now faster than a satellite.

Can we pause for a second and enjoy this youth?

I want to be able to see my family in my youth

get a chance to live a life where were young forever

but that's not the case and what we can do now

is be present and take as much time as we need now.

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