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When It Rained : A Love Poem

I, Dev Kant Sharma, am passionate about writing poems and other creative write-ups.

When It Rained: A Love Poem

The drops of rain began to fall
Thereby quenching the thirst of soil
The gentle and soothing breeze blew
And the long-forgotten memories got renewed
Irresistible to me was the rain's call
As it brought old memories into play
Of the day when I saw you first
In the drizzling that resembled today's rainfall

Holding an umbrella in your hands
Like a fairy holding a magic wand
You moved slowly through the rain
With a divine smile on your face
That enhanced your heavenly grace
Long I stood as if in a trance
Captivated as I was by your stance
My eyes trying hard to embrace you
Incessant rain though made hazy the view
A sudden gush of wind blew
Its force pushed the umbrella aside
Your lovely face moved from side to side
Straight you entered into my heart
Before you disappeared in the mart
Tried I too hard to find you again
In this world's too huge a main
All my efforts to trace you fell flat
Though hopes to see you didn't last
Today when I saw the similar downpour
Expectant I became of you not too far
Out I went with hopeful eyes
Expecting your very image to rise
Transfixed I was for a long time
My eyes squinted, heart on cloud nine
A lady came, my heart throbbed fast
It wasn't you, and my face was downcast
Too many came, went and passed
Only you didn't come,
though my hopes didn't last
Beaten I felt, still not defeated for sure
A promise I made to myself
That I would try more and more
Whenever there is such a downpour

Hoping that when it rains again
You would surely come, it's certain
Moving towards the door of my house
I cast the last look on the drenched plain.

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