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When Is Early Too Early?

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As I Struggle To Open My Eyes

The year is 2018

Here it is the middle of June

Five thirty three in the morning

We had a little rain last night

It's Friday

Most people are all excited because the weekend is only one day away

Me not so happy

I always work weekends in the restaurant business

This Sunday being Fathers Day

We will be busy

I am a cook and get paid hourly

So no matter how busy we get I still get paid the same when we are slow

Most coworkers like it busy

So the time flies bye

I take a different approach

I want the time to go extra slow

This is my life

If today was the last day on earth for me

I want to enjoy every moment

So each day I treat the same way

Not rushing along till the end of time

Slowly appreciating what we see and experience every day

I think when we get so busy

We lose touch with ourselves and the people around us

We are in such a hurry to do this

Go here

Get the job done

We miss out

From the littlest flower to the greatest moment

Life is not just living

But living and enjoying

All the wonderful things that make up our life

Sure there are things mixed in that aren't the greatest

If we stay positive and strive for beauty

They will be few and far between

So as my day starts

The world has already been in full swing

So instead of trying to play catch up

I will just take a deep breath

Love this moment

Then try to repeat it as many times as I can

If I struggle

I know to keep on trying

Because there is always a lot more good to come

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