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When Is A Drip More Than Just A Drip

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Is It Time To Call The Plumber ?

I hear one drip and then another

How long has the faucet been dripping ?

In the past my father use to tightened the faucet

Then the water finally stopped

If not it could need a new washer

An easy replacement

A trip to the local hardware store

Now you can go to Home Depot

You can even ask the man in the plumbing department

If it can't be fixed

He might recommend a new sink faucet

Instead of the old hot and cold separate knobs

They have one that is both

You pay a little more but it does the trick

Maybe it is even made better

I could put a bowl in the sink

To catch the water

I remember my father saying

You wouldn't believe how many gallons of water is wasted

I wish I paid more attention to what my father was doing

Because I didn't have the right tools

If I did the wrong thing

I could have a major problem real fast

As the hour passed

I couldn't concentrate on anything else

It is amazing how a simple drip of water

Can get all the attention

The funny thing is this drip is on purpose

We have our sink on an outside wall

Growing up we both were told to leave the water running ever so slightly

To prevent the pipes from freezing

If they freeze then you have one big problem on your hands

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