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When In the Dark

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


When dark descends over the world,

people become different,

away from the brightness of day,

away from the ordinary.

In the dark,

we think thoughts,

of the mysterious wonders,

that nightfall brings.

We dream dreams,

not meant for daylight hours

and our thoughts reach to far corners.

We romanticize,

evenings spent by candlelight

and hold our loved ones tight.

In the dark,

love takes reign,

when we can let go -

of the inhibitions of day.

Romance seems so passionate,

when we can love,

while a velvet blanket of stars covers the sky

and the moonlight beckons.

There are wonders to be seen,

starry path stretching far and wide

and a quite calm we can feel.

In the dark,

there should be no fears,

even as spirits flit about -

they are loved ones gathering close.

We can be who we are,

no masks to wear

and no fear.

Bluesy music filling the air,

don’t give way to tears,

don’t even dare.

In the dark,

everything takes on a magical look,

colorful neon flashing and glowing,

inviting people to come and enjoy.

People step out with different faces,

relaxed and smiling,

eager to dine and dance,

find some romancing.

When we are with the one we love,

we can be passionate

and give way to kisses and hugs.

In the dark,

there is a cloak of mystery,

that just calls to those -

willing to explore.

We make wishes on stars

and the moon seems to be shining,

just for our delight.

Just love the mystery of,

dark, windy nights,

when clouds sail across the night sky

and the moon plays hide and seek.

My mind releases its hold on reality

and I can step into different shoes -

take a walk on the wild side of life.

In the dark,

in the night,

I love to play,

I love to give sway to romancing

and dancing in the dark.

© 2018 Gypsy Rose Lee

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