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When I Said It

They said the poems can hit differently, you know what I said? Unless you understand the rules, you can't know when to break them.



In the desert

Who knew a dove would survive

Very white, used to indicate peace!

A place where life is endangered

But deep down in her heart, springs of life are there

The bearer of my kin

Did she have to be this good?

When she found me in my small house

Maybe she was supposed to leave

But why did she stay?

As a dove, she was always peaceful

As I can say, make it happen

I know it is not easy, but give life its meaning

I will always be above the sky

That’s where you told me to stay

The scar you healed is happy when I see you!

In the river of hopes

Your soul lies in it

Whenever we think of life without you

No answer can be found

Through you I knew how to kiss

Coz your eyes made me feel like doing it

Just because I did it

Don't take it for granted

Coz I said it

© 2022 Ian Muiruri